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Unique Specialist Coatings Limited provide commercial and industrial specialist coatings throuthout the UK.

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  Unique Specialist Coatings Ltd are Certified Applicators of VeroMetal® Sprayable Surfaces VeroMetal Training Certificate  
  Unique Specialist Coatings Ltd are Certified Applicators for VeroMetal decorative coatings. VeroMetal is a metallizing process that seamlessly applies cold sprayable or puttyable metal to almost any surface. As a result we can coat VeroMetal to foam, plastics, wood, glass, metal, concrete, ceramic cardboard, paper etc etc, giving your surfaces a aluminium, brass, bronze, copper, iron, steel, zinc, nickel, tin or rusty iron effect. These finishes can come in a matt, satin, polished, high polished, structured, patinated and rusty finish.

VeroMetal® offers new possibilities for innovative product design and end products. The objects can be coated quick and cost effectively. VeroMetal® Medical 01 Copper and VeroMetal® alloys with high shares of copper content have a bacteria killing rate of 99.9%.

Applications - Design oriented:
- Prototypes and models
- Product design for all areas of application
- Replacement of casted pieces
- Mass production
- Signage for all industries
- Retail Stores, Exhibition Fairs
- Archhitecture, Facade, Cladding
- Interior design
- Objects of art
- City Furniture

Applications - Function oriented:
- Copper and alloys for Hygienic applications (antimicrobial)
- Copper and alloys with biocide effect
- Stainless Steel for corrosion - and impact protection
- Copper and alloys in shipbuilding and offshore technologies (antifouling)
Unique Specialist Coatings
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